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FAITHANDREASON® provides study guides as supplements to seminars to assist in personal reflection and small group discussion.

Joan Chittister, OSB: The Ten Commandments - Laws Of The Heart a DVD Series

In this series, Joan Chittister, OSB, asks the question, "What are the Ten commandments and what do they mean to us now in a world where Jew, Christian, and Muslim all claim to embrace Moses and the Tablets of Sinai as the foundation of our law, however many other laws we all add to them?"

Sr. Joan invites us to think deeply about the moral fibers of our society. She presents the idea that the Ten Commandments are an adventure in human growth and that we are not so much convicted by them as we are transformed by them. "What does it mean to us, to the world, to preserve the Ten Commandments as the bedrock of our civilization?"

In this series, Sr. Joan offers an honest and refreshing approach to the Ten Commandments unlike anything present today. The Ten Commandments: Laws of the Heart educational series consist of a 2-disk DVD set that contains 12 video sessions, each 15 to 18 minutes, with an accompanying 150-page Resource Guide.

Download Group Discussion Questions below:

Opening Activity

First Commandment

Second Commandment

Third Commandment

Fourth Commandment

Fifth Commandment

Sixth Commandment

Seventh Commandment

Eighth Commandment

Ninth Commandment

Tenth Commandment

Richard Rohr: The Change That Changes Everything: Lifestyle-Based Spirituality

In this FaithandReason® seminar, held at First United Methodist Church in Baton Rouge, LA, April 8-9, 2011, Richard Rohr explores "The Change That Changes Everything" in four powerfully provocative lectures: "How We See and How We Don't See;" "Contemplation as an Alternate Consciousness;" "The Rediscovery of Seeing;" and "Implications for Religion, Relationships and Politics." Throughout this seminar, Richard Rohr had the remarkable ability to help participants recognize how the "normalcy" of the way we view people, the world, and ourselves keeps us divided, anxious, and overwhelmed.

Download Richard Rohr: The Change That Changes Everything: Lifestyle-Based Spirituality now (PDF)

Marcus Borg in The Heart of Christianity

This FAITHandReason Video features Dr. Marcus Borg in four lectures based on his immensely popular book, The Heart of Christianity. The lectures were part of a two-day seminar at Millsaps College in Jackson, Mississippi. This 2-disc DVD set contains four lectures. 1) “Seeing the Foundations Again: Bible & Tradition” 2) “Seeing Faith Again: Not Belief but Relationship” 3) “Transformation: Born Again & Dying & Rising” 4) “Social Transformation: Kingdom of God & Jesus as Lord”

Download Marcus Borg in The Heart of Christianity now (PDF)

Father Richard Rohr & Sister Joan Chittister: “The Human Spirit & The Times We Live In”

In this FAITHANDREASON® SEMINAR, “The Human Spirit and The Times We Live In,” Sr. Joan Chittister and Fr. Richard Rohr explore two fundamental realities of our common experience: The Identity and Role of Women in the History and Tradition of Christianity especially in the way we face and deal with the human experience in the world today (Chittister) and the Development and Evolution of Spiritual Awareness as it applies to contemporary human experience today (Rohr). As you and your group view these seminar DVDs, bear in mind how the two perspectives intersect.

Download Father Richard Rohr & Sister Joan Chittister: “The Human Spirit & The Times We Live In” now (PDF)

John Dominic Crossan and Joerg Rieger: “God & Imperial Power, Jesus & Economic Injustice”

Dr. Crossan argues that the “program” of Caesar Augustus and Roman Imperial theology was: Faithfulness to the gods, War, Victory and (then) Peace. Then, he states that Jesus, resisting that Roman program, invited first century peasants in northern Judea into a program of resistance that called for Faithfulness to God, Non-violence, Justice and (then) Peace. Dr. Rieger, tracking the subsequent history of empires in the West and Christianity’s relationship to them, maintains that the message of each succeeding empire has been that empire is the only possible way for human civilization to organize itself. He insists that while Christianity has been used by these empires to justify and support imperial control and power, that none of them have been able to completely control and squelch the vision of Jesus and his call to non-violent justice in order to attain peace.

Download John Dominic Crossan and Joerg Rieger: “God & Imperial Power, Jesus & Economic Injustice” now (PDF)

Challenge of Jesus Participants’ Pages

This provocative new progressive Christian educational resource is designed for small group discussion in Sunday adult classes, homes, retreats, and seminaries. Renowned historical Jesus scholar John Dominic Crossan presents his life’s work developing the unexplored matrix of Jesus’ time and place in 4 Themes: The World of Jesus; The Life of Jesus; The Death of Jesus; & The Resurrection of Jesus. Each Theme is divided into 4 segments of 15-18 minutes each, totaling 16 segments in all, for easy integration into class learning material. These easy downloadable participant study sheets will help enhance the class discussion.

Download Challenge of Jesus Participants’ Pages now (PDF)