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Peter Laarman in Religion Dispatches, “Forget Conservatives, Can ‘Piketty Porn’ inspire the Left?”


Peter Laarman, “pulls back the sheets” with his recent article in Religion Dispatches,“Forget Conservatives, Can ‘Piketty Porn’ Inspire the Left?”Peter stirs provocative thought with statements such as, “The real danger for faith leaders is, quite naturally, a lack of faith. And what we see among religious types who are willing to serve as the Democratic Party’s handmaidens is precisely this lack of faith. Instead of faith that a real struggle from below is where God is and where God wants us to be, we see only gestures and expressions of “faithiness” (e.g., calls for a paltry increase in the minimum wage) that overlay a deep cynicism and a deep acceptance of the system as it is.”  Definitely not an article for sissies. Click here to read Peter Laarman’s complete article in Religion Dispatches that appeared on May 4, 2014.