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​“PORN-AGAIN CHRISTIANS …” Yes.  You read it right.  I too had to take a second look at the heading.  This article by Candace Chellew-Hodge, founder/editor of Whosoeverf; An online Magazine for GLBT Christians, appeared in RELIGION DISPATCHES on May 12, 2016.  “… There has been a proliferation of websites aimed at helping Christians enjoy godly sex.”  You won’t believe her interview with Mr. X, or her summation.  Religion Dispatches’ writer Candace Chellew-Hodge presents, PORN-AGAIN CHRISTIANS: WHAT HAPPENS WHEN A BIBLICAL LITERALIST LAUNCHES A SEX SITE?


Current Issues for Your Consideration


”​If Whole Foods and Joel Osteen got together and had a child, it would probably look something like Herbalife.”Do I have your attention now?  You’ve got to read this article by MICHAEL SCHULSON, freelance writer and associate editor for RELIGION DISPATCHES.  Is it possible for Christians, even conservative Christians, to believe without being gullible _ without being naive?  Can the believer be protected from predators?  Michale Schulson gives us something to “chew” on in his recent Religion Dispatches article, HOW HERBALIFE’S GOSPEL OF HEALTH AND WEALTH FUELS A BILLION-DOLLAR DECEPTION.



“LEMONADE” _ The Black Woman’s Unremitting Heartache

How have they done it?  How do they continue to do it?  How do black women endure life’s excruciating struggles and come forth with a whole heart and a sure soul?  How do black women seem to find hope in the midst of brutal pain?  Can the black woman’s strength be found in the spiritual life?  Are her stories of pain and grief, depression and despair, hopelessness and sorrow consoled by her faith?

Yolanda Pierce, writer for Religion Dispatches, offers a glimpse of the strength, courage, beauty, and wonder of the black women in her article, BLACK WOMEN AND THE SACRED: WITH “LEMONADE,” BEYONCE’ TAKES US TO CHURCH.  Read more and possibly ask yourself how, for centuries, has the black woman survived such unremitting heartache.


Thinking Progressively

Interfaith College Degrees for a Shrinking World

​As a child, I was puzzled by the phrase, “The world is getting smaller.”  I was terrified that the world was actually shrinking and that soon there would literally be nowhere for me to stand.  There are many of us who now have friends who are Jews, Muslims, Hindu, Nones and of other spiritual persuasions.  Through  these diverse relationships indeed “the world is getting smaller.”  Is it important that we understand and become more tolerant of each other?  Can such open-mindedness bring calm to the political, economic and environmental issues impacting the world?

New York Times’ Samuel G. Freedman has written an article, “A Laboratory for Interfaith Studies in Pennsylvania Dutch Country,” that sheds new light and encouragement in our growing awareness of the importance of interfaith relations.  Read more at


Current Issues for Your Consideration

MIND CHATTER: Be still and know

​Did I turn the oven off?  Where did I put my glasses?  Oh my god, I forgot Helen’s birthday!  I’ve got to have this project finished by Friday!  Did I remember to feed the dog?  The traffic is horrible!  I’m going to be late! What if my cancer returns?  Don’t forget to pick up Emerson from school today.  I’ll never make this deadline!  Did I pay the water bill?

We are bombarded by thoughts _ Examining the past and anticipating the future.  Is it important that we become aware of our thoughts, sensations and feelings?  

Religion Dispatches’ Max Zahn interviewed Google’s “Jolly Good Fellow” Chade-Meng Tan  about Mindfulness as a way of paying attention to and seeing clearly whatever is happening in our lives and responding in a calm manner.  Follow this link to read more.

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