Thinking Progressively


Another massacre.  Another opportunity for this nation to take responsibility for the unnecessary loss of life.  Another week of our news networks showing over and over again the carnage left by hate. The brutal slaying of innocent lives in Orlando is the result of provoked anger and an implausible lack of gun regulation in this country.  PETER LAARMAN in yesterday’s Religion Dispatches, offers his reflection of the continued consequences of this nation’s lack of action to address our nation’s gun issues and the price we continue to pay.  OUR DANCE CLUBS, OUR CHURCHES article is Peter’s personal reflection and one in which we should all ponder.


Current Issues for Your Consideration

“See Jane Run!  Run, Jane!  Run!”

‚ÄčIn 1984 Geraldine Ferraro became the first woman ever nominated for U.S. vice president by a major political party. A barrier had been broken and eyes were beginning to open. Then ... Ferraro “crossed a religious line” and spoke in support of women and “choice.” Today, with the current political climate, women’s rights as equal citizens of this country are in jeopardy. Most of our religious language ignores the presence of women by use of a male dominate language in our scripture, doctrines, and liturgies. Is there any wonder women are leaving the church by increasing numbers than every before?  Patricia Miller, a Washington, DC based journalist and author, offers this intriguing article in Religion Dispatches. WOMEN ARE LEAVING THE CHURCH, AND THE REASON SEEMS CLEAR is an eye-opening read.