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Jesus for the Non-Religious (4 Audio CD set)


Jesus for the Non-Religious (4 Audio CD set)

Across America today, there is a growing number of people who have either abandoned traditional Christianity or have settled into despair, fearing they will never feel comfortable identifying with the Christian tradition again.  In this FaithandReason┬« seminar, audio CD set, recorded in November 2007 in Denver, CO, Bishop Spong presents four extraordinary lectures based on material from his book, Jesus for the Non-Religious.

Separating Myth from History
Bishop Spong draws back the curtain on how the early followers forged their convictions about who Jesus of Nazareth was and how they shaped the Gospels and later Christian Orthodoxy.

Did He Die for My Sins?

Bishop Spong traces the evolution of early Christian thought surrounding “The Lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world.”
Jesus, A Man for All Seasons
Illustrating a universal, non-exclusive portrait of Jesus who seeks abundant living for all people.
Why I Am A Christian
Jack Spong gives testimony to a life of Christian evolution and change made possible for him by patience, good will and compassion from the very people his own denomination judged and excluded women, minorities, and gays and lesbians.