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The Human Spirit & The Times We Live In (2 DVD set)


The Human Spirit & The Times We Live In (2 DVD set)

World-renowned contemplatives, Sr. Joan Chittister and Fr. Richard Rohr take us deep within the human spirit to show us that quest for spiritual life leads us unavoidably into our deep connection to all life and all people.  We find there new eyes to see and new ears to hear.  At the depths, we wake up to the realities of all human experience and discover that we cannot turn our backs on any suffering, any oppression or any injustice.  To nurture the human spirit is to discover that we live in a sea of human connectedness. 

Disk one contains Sr. Joan’s two provocative presentations: The Divine Feminine: Its Place In Our Lives, parts one and two, and Woman, Power & Peace: A New Way to Tell the Story, parts one and two.

Disc two contains Fr. Richard’s compelling lectures that focus on the progressive stages of human spiritual development.  The lectures are: The Human Spirit, parts 1-4.  Disc two also contain a closing Q & A session in which Sr. Joan and Fr. Rohr respond to questions from the audience.